Don Pedigo & The Coyotes - "Beam Me Up (P¡nk Cover)"

"'Beam Me Up', clearly a masterpiece in writing, hit me hard in dealing with the loss of my son. It’s hard to listen to especially with my wife, Kimmy. But that’s what good art does, makes you feel, right? This one makes me feel hard and even though there’s pain, there’s something peaceful about experiencing those feelings. I think it’s because we sometimes let feelings out for awhile before we put them away again.  They hurt too much to look at all the time but it hurts more to think of letting any connection with them go. This song has joined the many broken pieces Kimmy and I take out and try to fit together again. I wish I could send a more beautiful and happy message. More than a message though, a lesson or a reminder; cherish and celebrate your loves often because someday someone won’t be here anymore. I truly wish our son could beam us up there, even for a minute." - Don Pedigo