"Bar & R"

"Rusty Tabor had a flat over off of Nolensville Road. I had been writing with Rusty and Brad (Cotter) quite a bit then. It was hot as a mother that day. We had written a fun tune already and during the course of that song accidentally over served ourselves. At the time, I was the only one who might be in trouble, as I was the only one with a "Mrs." at home... who also happened to be a Florist. Over the course of the next hour we laughed until it hurt and it brought up this title I had tucked away. It didn’t take long to write the song. Maybe an hour like the first one. Rusty and Brad are COOUUNTRY, which is how the song structure was formed. We all had our fair share of lines that day. My wife, Kimmy, went ahead and picked me up that evening. And there went MY 'Bar and R.'" - Don Pedigo