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"The punchy single ['I Miss Mississippi'] marks a new chapter for the singer-songwriter. Joining forces with his backing band, The Coyotes,  marks a turning point."


"With audible defiance, Don Pedigo and The Coyotes deliver rock ‘n roll swagger. 'Black Carpet' serves up a bold reminder of the insignificance of a material life." 


"[Pedigo's songs] showcase his carefully crafted lyrics with a heavy-hearted vocal delivery."

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"Don Pedigo’s music is a beautiful combination of lyrical skill that’s showcased over the familiar sounds of classic rock and roll. Pedigo stands like a beacon of hope amidst a sea of bleakness – he offers us some consolation that things, as hard as they may be to describe, are still worthy of describing and remembering."


"[Don's] lyrics are rocket-like. Like a whip to the back." 


"A straight up solid rock band here in Nashville."

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