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Release Date: August 5, 2022


  1. The Last Jubilee

  2. Messenger

  3. Immanuel

  4. It's Okay (To Need Jesus)

  5. Jesus Was A Rebel

  6. He Brought Me Out 

  7. Prayer Is The Key

  8. His Hometown

  9. Remind Me Dear Lord

  10. Beginning Of Sorrows

  11. Leaning On My Lord

  12. Come And Welcome




Produced/Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Don Pedigo

Recorded at Damnit Roy Records in Sulphur Springs, Tennessee

Travis Collinsworth - Bass on The Last Jubilee, Messenger, Jesus Was A Rebel, His Hometown, and Beginning Of Sorrows

Kasey Todd - Drums on Messenger, Jesus Was A Rebel, and Come And Welcome -  Percussion on His Hometown

Fred Boekhorst  - Electric Guitar on Messenger 

Suzie Pedigo - Flute on Beginning Of Sorrows - Hand Claps on Leaning On My Lord

Kimmy Pedigo - Co-Writer on Leaning On My Lord - Hand Claps on Leaning On My Lord - Tech Support


I am very blessed to somewhat gracefully but simply live my dream of playing all the instruments on a record.  

Some of the arrangements I used were reminiscent of what the hymn sings were like in my church when I was a child.  

I'm thankful to have performed acoustic, electric, baritone, and bass guitars on this album.  

I also sang multipart harmony, played keys, drums, percussion, and harmonica.  

Amen and praise the Lord!  



Seeds planted and nurtured will one day grow.

Memories now pour in, my childhood spent running around the church, my first home.

The gift of music now I see is only temporary and I’m eternally grateful for the peace and joy it brings me.

I see my children and grandchildren take to it and I’m filled with the satisfaction that part of my work on earth is already being accomplished.

But before I move too fast into what feels like a critical mass I pause and realize to whom the credit for all of this must go.


From my youngest days of falling asleep to my mother's gospel piano, to the church being where the instruments were that I handed the local kids to play, in the sanctuary, the Lord provided me with a way to become who I am.  

The sound system I borrowed to play top forty music in the park and teens clubs, belonged to the Lord. Literally.  

Now in my middle age, as I sit on my perch inside the modest studio I’ve built I realize that once again, I was not alone.

The parts and pieces I needed, not too much, but everything I need is with me now.

I must and out of every ounce of gratitude I can feel or fathom pour my love for Jesus into this imperfect work called Him.

The way most of the songs came was divine inspiration and no other explanation can be given.

Well, then again we could go on about opinions like that but let me put it this way;

The building of this project happened much faster and freer than the wasted energy it would take to try and prove spirit wrong.

The events in my life, whether deemed good or bad are not accidents or coincidences.

I spent the first half of my life wondering what God could do for me.

I intend to spend the second half doing more for HIM.

May the generations here and the ones to come after know where I stand.  

May these songs bless you while on your journey.  

The way is narrow, yes, but once you begin you will see the reward is greater than any suffering.  

My only regret is that I didn’t listen sooner.  

I always knew.  

God bless you into eternity.  

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