1. Bar & R

  2. Fallin For You

  3. Young & Dead

  4. Fireside

  5. What I Was Running From

  6. Like Trying To Stop

  7. Lost In You

  8. Sleepwalker’s Masquerade 

  9. That Night I Died

  10. Burgundy Wine 

  11. Holy Land 

  12. Southern Skyline 




Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Don Pedigo at Damnit Roy Records in Smyrna, Tennessee

Recorded at The 5 Spot in Nashville, Tennessee 

Engineered by Todd Sherwood, Cody Estrem and Chris Frasco   

Cameras Video/Audio by Ryan Westover 

Musicians & Instruments:
Don Pedigo - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Dayna Bee - Fiddle, BGVs

Travis Collinsworth - Bass

Kasey Todd - Drums 

Micah Hulscher - Keys

Dan Cohen - Guitar, Mandolin